If you'd like to get started working with gourds, jump on in! This page will give you and idea of the tools and supplies you will need to get started. You don't necessarily need everything you see below, and as you grow in your craft, you quickly will identify other items, not shown below, that are essential to creating gourd art to your own standards. But the items below constitute a good basic list of tools and supplies.

First Things First

  You can't get started working on gourds ... unless you have gourds!

You can grow your own (see our Gourd Gardening FAQs page) or purchase them from a variety of suppliers. We highly recommend the Welburn Gourd Farm.

Critical Items 

  Protect your health!

Before you cut open your first gourd, purchase (and wear) a quality protective mask, latex gloves, and other protective items as you may wish (such as a hat and "junky clothes").

Refer to our Health Precautions page for more information.

  3M's Model R-6211HC dual-cartridge respirator assembly mask


  Electric drill and steel brushes
  Gourd cleaning tools
  Dremel rotary tool with flex shaft

Assorted Dremel bits and cleaning attachments

  Optima 1 burner with assorted tips
  Micro-Mark saws

Monster transformer

  Magnifier lamp


  Oil paints and a variety of brushes
  Angelus leather dyes

Pantone inks

  Krylon spray acrylic

Final Coat

R.W.'s Right-Step Varnish

Goddard's Furniture Wax

  Jo Sonja's Artist's Gouache acrylic paints and a variety of brushes


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