If you'd like to get started working with gourds, there is a wealth of information available. We've found a huge amount of useful information on the Internet some useful web-site links are given below.

However, we like books because we enjoy poring over the pictures and reading descriptions of how things are done, and somehow it often is more satisfying to hold the book in your lap.

Our Favorite Books

Gourd Pyrography
by Jim Widess
In our opinion, one of the best all-round sources of inspiration for our craft. Learn the techniques and secrets of 50 gourd artists.



The Complete Book of Gourd Craft
by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess
Another excellent source, this comprehensive guide to decorating gourds will keep you busy for hours.


The Decorated Gourd
by Dyan Mai Peterson From carving, dyeing, and burning to watercolor effects and antique shading, Dyan Mai divulges all her crafting secrets, and serves up an array of breathtaking designs in her new book.



Learning the Art of Pyrography
by Al Chapman This excellent book focuses on wood pyrography, but contains a wide range of tips and techniques for anyone, beginner to expert.


The Complete Pyrography
by Stephen Poole Another great source of information on techniques, this book includes an interesting brief history of this wonderful art form.



Pyrography Designs
by Norma Gregory This book is a collection of pyrography designs, along with detailed step-by-step instructions on a variety of techniques.


edited by Jim Harter This wonderful reference contains 2,400 copyright-free illustrations of flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables, providing a veritable cornucopia of design ideas.



selected by Jim Harter Another wonderful reference containing 1,419 copyright-free illustrations of mammals, birds, fish, insects, and more.


Pine Needle Basketry
by Judy Mofield Mallow A thorough and extremely useful reference to the art of pine-needle coiling, complete with step-by-step instructions and a variety of design ideas.



References on the Web

Here are two web-site links with a wide variety of information on gourd crafting and art. Without a doubt, we've left off more than a few not intentionally, but because we can't include the umpteen-thousand that are out there. So, go searching, and remember ... Google is your friend!

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