If you see something you like and we hope you will just click on the link below to send us an e-mail message. We'll respond as soon as possible to let you know if the item is available and, if not, how soon we can create one for you. We also will discuss shipping, scheduling, and other details.

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It's most likely fortunately for us, but perhaps not so for you! that most of the gourds pictured on these pages already have been sold. If a gourd you see here already has been sold, we will try to replicate the design but remember, each gourd is unique! To a great extent, gourds decide for themselves what they'll look like. Thus, the new design will be similar to, but likely not the same as, the original.

We will work with you on colors, style, types and shapes of gourds, and embellishments trusting that you'll appreciate the originality of the piece we create together.

Our work may not always match your needs. But, we are members of a wider network of gourd artists from around the world. Without hesitation, we'll be pleased to put you in contact with other artists who may offer exactly the kind of art you seek.