Not to worry a properly cleaned and finished gourd poses no risk to its owner!

However, if you plan to work with unfinished gourds, you must recognize that the drying process produces a fair amount of mold both on the exterior surface and inside the gourd. Mold spores can be extremely small less than 5 microns, in some cases and they can cause health problems if inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

If you are new to gourd crafting, you quickly will learn your own sensitivities. For example, many people will notice a "metallic" taste in the mouth or throat when exposed to gourd dust and/or mold. Other symptoms are fits of coughing, running eyes and/or nose, or other cold- or allergy-like symptoms. However, even if you don't notice any of these symptoms, we strongly recommend that you follow these basic health precautions:

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