Our first gourd garden was not much of a garden.  Several years ago (when we still lived in Virginia) we harvested a half-dozen gourds from several vines. Only a few were fully mature and able to be used for decorative purposes.

The 2002 harvest was much more promising, with more than 70 gourds surviving the drying process. Growing in New Hampshire certainly is a bit more of a challenge because of the relatively shorter growing period. In retrospect, we planted way too late. But, thanks to a hot spell in July and early August this year, most of our gourds matured, and we were able to retain a large percentage of the harvest. 

The pictures below show the progression of growth over the summer. We grew canteens, mini-Nigerian bottles, bushels, cannonballs, and Mini-Crowder pumpkins (thanks to Harry Hurley for the great seeds).

First Blossom
(July 23rd)

Buddy the "Gourd Dog"

Paul among the vines
(August 24th)

We used nylon socks for suspension
(August 24th)

Uh-oh! "Bikini lines" from the nylon
(September 24th)

Mini-Crowder Pumpkin
(September 24th)

Part of the harvest, prior to "thaw cleaning"
(December 5th)